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Grow your business by opening up new avenues in investment property loans for your clients.


A Huge and Growing Market

In 2017, 207,088 single-family homes and condos were flipped. In addition, 27% of American rent their home and, of these, 56% cannot afford to buy a home. Many Generation Y and Millennials, now in wealth-building mode, are flocking to real estate investing, and the rise of sharing platforms like AirBnB are creating even more opportunity for investors.

This is, in short, a multi-billion dollar market.

Becoming a lender with Katz Funding is a perfect fit for lenders that are currently throwing away investment deals because of limitations with current funding sources, or for realtors that are looking to add to the services they can provide to their clients. Get paid while building your database — no NMLS needed!

Great Opportunity and Support

  • An additional revenue stream enables you to grow your income
  • Access to great investment real estate funding products allows you to service more clients
  • Personal web page to promote investment real estate lending to your database
  • Personalized Quick Application enables you to screen prospects and save you time
  • Take advantage of marketing assistance and resources, such as emails and shareable social media posts

Get Paid For Referrals

Lenders and Realtors

Do you have investment deals that you want to get paid on?

Do you want to add to the services that you can provide your clients?

With a referral agreement with Redleg Funding, you can get paid on these deals!

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