The Mellow Prepper Podcast

Doug Katz

It probably started with my time in the military, but I’ve been a passionate prepper for many years. My skills and interests run the gambit, but among other things, I am an avid sport shooter and handloader, bladesmith, fitness buff and hold a Nidan in Aikido.

With floods, fires and other natural or man-made events so frequent today, the old “be prepared” philosophy can be the difference between a safe, hasty and successful outcome and one where you are at the mercy of the kindness and availability of outside resources.

My hope is that this podcast helps you establish your own appropriate level of readiness. I call this Rational Readiness and it is a balanced approach to being prepared and living a normal life. Our goal is to enable you to turn a disaster into a disruption, a bump in the road, a minor blip on the trail of life. Let The Mellow Prepper be your guide.

Who I am:

  • Graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point (BA)
  • Graduate of Loyola University Chicago (MBA)
  • Certified Divorce Lending Professional
  • Trained mediator
  • Certified Credit Repair Specialist
  • Loan Officer with over 20 years of experience
  • Army Veteran
  • Business Owner
  • Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Aikido
  • Fitness buff
  • Household Handyman and grounds keeper
  • Sport shooter and handloader
  • Bladesmith and knife maker
  • Radio host and podcaster
  • Awesome husband but one in no way qualified to give relationship advice
  • Father of three great kids/young adults and three ill-behaved rescue dogs